Supercharge Microsoft Project !

Microsoft Project is an excellent tool for almost any project. Why?

  • It handles calendars better than Microsoft Excel – for resource allocation, vacations, and deadlines.
  • It manages dependencies and task priorities extremely well.
  • It can track a project in progress and help you react to any changes on the ground.
  • If you don’t like something about Microsoft Project – you can change it with macros and addins!

So why do so many people abandon it? Most people never learn some basic best practices.

They eventually seek a simpler tool even if it means a less accurate schedule!

MrMike’s addins for Microsoft Project help you maintain best practices, provide some time-saving features, and most of all help you get the most out of Microsoft Project.

An addin is a piece of software that plugs-in to another piece of software, usually to add features. MrMike’s addins are built to add features to Microsoft Project.

Please note that MrMike has stopped supporting these plugins, but you are free to try them out. I hope they work for you!