About MrMike

MrMike is the nickname of Mike McShaffry, a software developer based in Austin, Texas. His entire career has focused on programming or managing projects in the computer games industry. Mike’s 20 years in this field has resulted in many award winning products published by Origin Systems, Electronic Arts, Microsoft, Eidos, Atari, Namco/Bandai, LucasArts, Sega and others. You can read more about his career here.

Project scheduling for a computer game project is notoriously difficult, and for years Mike used Microsoft Project as his main scheduling software – but found it extremely lacking. Having a programming background, Mike did what any programmer would do when faced with a tool that didn’t work the way he wanted it to work: he made it better.

In late 2007, Mike started his addin software business, MrMike, to make useful project management tools available to anyone who struggles with Microsoft Project.