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Toolbox AddinMrMike’s Toolbox Addin for Microsoft Project
A completely free collection of helpful tools to make project planning and tracking with Microsoft Project a snap. Includes Export To XLS, a tool that exports your entire schedule to Microsoft® Excel, so you can publish updates to your team and analyze your schedule for accuracy. Download for Free!

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Absolutely Free – Useful Tools for Microsoft Project!
Analyze Your Schedules

The Export To XLS tool exports your entire schedule to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, including a PivotTable. Using Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Project is a powerful combination. Here are some of the things you can do:

  • Publish your schedule to non-Microsoft Project users
  • Sort tasks by milestone, resource, resource groups and more
  • View tasks by duration or remaining duration
  • View tasks by percentange of duration

Working with your schedule in a PivotTable lets you take a birds-eye view of your schedule, giving you the information you need to find answers to important questions:

  • Which tasks need to be done for my current milestone ?
  • Which resource can take on more tasks ?
  • Are any of my resource groups overloaded ?
  • What happens to my schedule if I change scope or features ?

Take a closer look – download these sample files to see what the Export To XLS tool can do!

Manage Risk & Milestone Deadlines

Managing risk is an important task for any project manager. Two tools help you do just that:


Reset Milestone Deadlines

  • Sets the Deadline field based on the task finish date and the milestones you have defined for your project.
  • Once your deadlines are set, you’ll see them in your Gantt chart with the deadline icon.
  • When tasks are in danger of missing the deadline, you’ll see the latetask icon.

Reset Contingency, Acceptance, and Final Polish

  • Adds buffer time in your schedule for every resource that worked during each milestone.
  • Calculates any time from the end of each resource’s work to the final milestone date, and adds a “Final Polish” task.

Other Useful Tools

  • Copy Categories Tool – copies custom text fields into task names, giving Microsoft Project reports more detail.
  • Copy Costs Tool – lets you store billable and internal rates for each resource, and see your schedule with either one.
  • Scrum Tools – tracks previous remaining work so you can easily track production velocity from update to update.

Minimum Requirements & Compatibility

  • Microsoft Windows XP and Vista
  • Microsoft Project 2003, 2007 – Standard or Professional
  • Microsoft Excel 2003 or 2007

MrMike’s Toolbox Addin for Microsoft Project is compatible with non-English language version of Microsoft Project and Excel !